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Blue Cap

Mission Statement: Blue Cap is an agency dedicated to the discovery, pursuit and achievement of personal growth and dignity for individuals of all ages having or at risk for intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blue Cap?

Blue Cap is a non-profit organization offering supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through various programs tailored to fit individual needs throughout all stages of life. Click here to learn more about Blue Cap's Supports and Services.

Where is Blue Cap Located?

Blue Cap has two Blue Island, Illinois, locations: 2155 & 1962 Broadway.

How Do I Enroll My Adult or Child into Blue Cap?

The usual starting point for enrollment is to contact us and schedule an appointment to stop by and tour Blue Cap. After touring, if you feel we are the place for your loved one to receive supports and services, we can further direct you through the placement process.

Does Blue Cap Offer Transportation Services for Individuals in Day Programs?

Yes, Blue Cap runs a fleet of accessible and non-accessible vans that pick up and drop off Adult Day Training program participants.

Does Blue Cap Offer Services for Adults and Children?

Blue Cap has supports and services for people of all ages. Click here to learn more about Blue Cap's Supports & Services.

How Do I Donate Items Such as Clothes and Furniture?

All donations go to the Development Department at Blue Cap located at the Instructional Center, 1962 Broadway, Blue Island, IL 60406. Prior to dropping off your donation, please contact Jill Hart, Director of Community Relations, at (708) 389-6578 Ext. 108 for more information.

How Much of My Donation to Blue Cap Goes to Supports & Services?

91% of every dollar donated goes directly to Supports & Services.

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